About Us

Our passion is to assist those in need.

In Addition to our credit repair services, we provide a portion of the profits directly to transitional housing to Domestic Violence Victims with Children. At the end of the day we want to give back to those who need us the most. We support our community in the Bay Area, CA.

Nicole specializes in the following services:

  • Certified Credit Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Business Funding Expert
  • Business Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Domestic Violence Survivor
  • Domestic Violence Advocate

About me

When I lost my job in 2016 my credit landed at 484. I felt lost & embarrassed, but life happens. I certainly didn't know how to deal with it.

So, I did what most people due in this position, I paid for credit repair. I used a few credit repair companies like Lexington Law & Blue Sky Financial. I used these companies because they were cheap monthly options ranging from $79 - $130 monthly. Over the 2 year period I paid for credit repair it actually costed me over $2,500 for minimal results. They got some things deleted but my credit was still at 564. I just wasn’t getting the results I needed to improve my credit score.

I finally got sick of paying for credit repair. I got obsessed with successful credit repair. I got obsessed with success & helping others.

I raised my personal credit score 192 points in 8 months!

How? I started building positive credit. I became educated on how credit really works. I structured my credit report to increase my credit score.

Not only do I focus on removing inaccuracies & negative items on credit reports that effect your credit score, but I help you add positive accounts. I help you structure your credit report & build relationships with financial institutions to build trust. Credit is all about trust. I will show you how to build trust and prove you are a responsible consumer and credit worthy.

One of my primary goals is to educate high school juniors and seniors so they are properly educated about credit as a young adult.

I have priceless & powerful knowledge from my personal journey with credit. I've invested over $10,000 in credit education and development, so I can teach it to others.

Invest in yourself. Don’t try to save a little money if you are serious about building wealth. Credit is our foundation. Credit is the gateway we need in order to be successful. Credit education is mandatory in order to be successful for life. My credit program is focused on long term success & education. I focus on others understanding how credit actually works so you can make educated credit decisions.

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